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Kleiner gemischter Salat small mixed salad  4,50
Mittlerer gemischter Salat medium mixed salad  5,50
Großer gemischter Salat large mixed salad  6,50
Salat Tonno  large salad with tuna (Vier Diamanten) (D) 11,50
Salat Tacchino  large salad with grilled or fried turkey strips (A,B) 11,50
Salat Romano  large salad with San Daniele prosciutto, olives, sheep's cheese, balsamic vinegar and olive oil (G) 11,50
Salat Caprese  fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, rucola, balsamic vinegar and olive oil (G) 11,50
Joghurtdressing (C,G)     
Pizzabrot (A)   3,40

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday

10:00 to 22:00

Closed on Sunday and Monday!

Tel.: +43 4352 366 75

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